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Option 1

Subject: Make him crave you like chocolate?

Hi {!firstname_fix},
Ice cream...

...And what if you had the power to unlock the involuntary craving part of ANY man's mind... So that his mind and heart is instantly drenched with powerful, irresistible love, emotions, and desire for you?

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How does this craving method work?

My friend Kymmie Krieger is the senior editor for Women Online Magazine, and has worked with hundreds of women clients through Match.com, eHarmony, and OKCupid. Quite by accident, she discovered the key to unlock a man's involuntary, irrational, uncontrollably consuming cravings and emotional reactions to love (and to you)... is in...

Romance novels.
That's right
Romance Novels!

A distinct pattern emerged from researching and taking notes from the greatest love stories penned by novelists the world over. I'm not talking about one or two Mills and Boons. Once she had a glimpse of the power of what she had come across, Kymmie read and made notes on literally hundreds of novels, and when she tested this secret formula, the results were EXPLOSIVE. She got more peace, more affection, more attention, and tons more intimacy from her previously inattentive boyfriend than she had ever dreamed of. She shared it with a few friends who tried her formula and got the SAME crazy results. It grew from there, and when she told me about it and I looked into her story, I just knew I had to share it with you.

Finally, a way to code-break a man's brain and make him involuntary crave you!

You have to see this for yourself:

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Chat to you again soon,



Option 2

Subject: The real truth about men and love

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Do you miss that dreamy feeling when you know you are loved, wanted, and desired by a man?

Has it been a while since you felt that way?

No matter if you are single and looking for love, or in a relationship and wanting that warm, magic feeling back...

I highly recommend that you check this out:

=> The real truth about men and love [LINK GOES HERE]

My friend Kymmie wants to share with you the REAL truth about men, so that you don't have to 'put up with' anything less than real love and desire from your man again.

So that instead of having your date, boyfriend or husband avoid you like you are some days-old cheese that's been left out on the bench, he will suddenly start to CRAVE you like a decadent slice of rich, creamy chocolate cake...

Best of all, it's all presented in an easy, step-by-step formula that ANY woman, single or coupled, can use to spark or respark a man's flagging interest and feel truly wanted again.

What she has written about men is truly incredible.

I urge you to read more and get all the juicy details:

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I'll chat to you again soon!