FINALLY REVEALED: Tested by hundreds of women from 15 countries around the world, today you can get exclusive inside access to the formula that has proven to work ‘magic’ on men…

How To Make Any Man Fall Deeply,
Uncontrollably In Love With You
(And Make Him Blind To Any Other Woman But You!)

Dear friend,

Are you single and wanting to find real, passionate love, without all of the stress, hard work and crushing rejections?

Or are you already in a relationship, but are wanting to bring that magical feeling back…

So that you can feel special, wanted and cherished by him again?


And don’t worry, I’m not about to waste your time with any useless garbage you don’t need or want. I know your time is valuable.

Instead, I am going to show you how using a simple step-by-step formula, you can make ANY man

Whether it’s a guy you’ve just met or your husband of 10 years…

Fall deeply, irresistibly in love with you….

  • Even if you’ve been single for the last 5 years.
  • Even if you are used to failing with men.
  • Even if you feel that your relationship is on the rocks.
  • And especially if you’re used to feeling unnoticed, taken for granted and undesired by your man.

Today, as long as you can follow simple instructions, you can find the kind of love and happiness you’ve always deserved with that special man…

“For any woman who’s fed up with a passionless love life, here’s your
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”.

However, if you are someone who already has a perfect relationship with a man who…

  • Always makes you feel loved, cared for and appreciated…
  • Listens and asks you how your day was…
  • Romances you with sweet surprises and home-cooked dinners all the time…
  • Tells you how much he loves you every day, while looking deep into your eyes and holding you tenderly…

…Then this letter is not for you.

This letter is ONLY for women who are NOT feeling completely, 100% loved and satisfied right now in their love lives…

For women who know they deserve more, and are willing to do whatever it takes to feel the tender, unconditional, passionate love of the man they desire…

And to keep his love, forever.

Today, you can become one of hundreds of women before you who have achieved this dream…

Simply by following simple, step-by-step instructions (it’s basically fool-proof!).

But first, I need to ask you… Are you tired of getting your heart bruised time and time again by falling into these painful love-traps?

  • Going on awkward and humiliating dates with the ‘wrong guy’ time and time again.
  • Starting to really fall for a guy, only to have him stop calling or give you the “I’d rather just be friends” speech.
  • Being the awkward third wheel around every one of your happily married friends (no matter how much they try to include you).
  • Finding that every decent man you meet is either married or not interested.
  • Feeling nervous and insecure on dates, and not being able to keep the conversation flowing (Isn’t dating supposed to be fun??)
  • Constantly feeling the pressure of competing with all of the hot, younger women in the dating scene. 
  • Finding that time and time again men on online dating sites are only after one thing – and it’s NOT a relationship.
  • Lying in bed at night feeling alone and unwanted (You just want to be able to cuddle up to a man every night who loves you!)
  • Feeling unloved, unappreciated and unnoticed by the man you love (Why is he acting so cold and distant?)
  • Being in a relationship that has become a lot of hard work and no fun (When was the last time you actually laughed together?)
  • Wishing that things would just ‘go back to the way they were’ in your relationship…. The way he used to love you.
  • Feeling like your man has become a stranger in your house (What happened to the deep, meaningful talks you used to have?)
  • Feeling neglected and taken for granted, no matter how much you try to make your man happy.
  • Anxiously wondering whether your man is secretly fantasizing about hotter, younger women.
  • Desperately needing more romance and affection in your relationship… But it’s like your man’s ‘romantic switch’ has been permanently turned off. 

  • Wishing your man would commit to you in the way you’ve always dreamed he would.

If you’ve been falling victim to these exact love traps, then believe me, woman-to-woman, you are not alone…

Thousands of other women just like you and me are unnecessarily experiencing the same pain and heartbreak every day.

Why do I say unnecessarily? Because there IS a way to put an end to these struggles (WITHOUT going off men forever)…  

See, the thing is, we are often told that we should expect to go through ‘rough patches’ in our relationships…

That it’s impossible for a guy to stay as ‘into us’ as he was at the start…

And we are taught to write off any cold and distant behavior as him just being a guy”.  

So we suffer through it, anxiously hoping that things will return to the way they were, and that the man we love will suddenly wake up and realize what he has right in front of him.

But what I’m here to tell you today is that we are putting ourselves through this suffering for nothing.


The REAL Truth About Men…

Today I am here to give you the REAL truth about men, so that you don’t have to ‘put up with’ anything less than real love and desire from your man again.

So that instead of having your date, boyfriend or husband avoid you like you are some days-old cheese that’s been left out on the bench, he will suddenly start to CRAVE you like a decadent slice of rich, creamy chocolate cake…

Instead of having your date or your boyfriend take you for granted and barely notice the effort you made to look hot for him, suddenly he will be drawn to you just like a kitten is irresistibly drawn to a piece of string….

You will watch in amazement as you see his lips part, his face soften, and he gets that sweet, melting look of puppy-dog look of adoration glowing in his eyes as he looks at you…

Watch as he starts frantically fidgeting, and suddenly can’t relax when you’re around…

Because his mind is desperately racing with obessive plans to make sure he says all the right things to you to make you love him…

And picture how safe and secure you will feel every night when you go to bed, and feel his powerful arms wrapped around you, drawing you in like he never wants to let go…

This Might Sound Unbelievable Right Now… But You Are About To Experience An Incredible Transformation In Your Love Life

If this sounds totally crazy or impossible to you right now, then don’t worry, I hear you…

What could make a guy suddenly fall for you when he doesn’t even seem to be showing an ounce of interest right now?

Well, here’s the thing…

I know that these are some pretty big promises for me to be making…

And right about now, you might be heaving a big gusty sigh, thinking ‘I’ve already heard it ALL when it comes to advice about men…’

Yet, I can pretty much guarantee you that you have never heard anything like this before…

If you’re a woman who feels a deep, intense need to have a man completely, hopelessly, desperately in love with you (And You ONLY)…

You’re About To Discover A Secret New Formula That Unlocks The Power Of A Man’s Involuntary Cravings, To Automatically Get Him Hungrily Craving You…

In the exact same way a starving man craves and hungrily drools over a piece of delicious cake…

And it all comes down to a specific ‘passion trigger in a man’s brain…

A trigger so powerful, that once it is switched on, your man will become filled with an almost obsessive desire for you…

A desperate need to hold you close to him forever…

And YOU can have this magical effect on ANY man, simply by using my step-by-step formula to capture his love for you…

So you can forget the anxious thoughts, the worry, the terrible not knowing what he’s thinking forever

This formula has the ability to powerfully change your relationships with men overnight.

But before I open up and share my top secret Chocolate Love recipe with you, I should probably introduce myself and answer some important questions you may have…

Who Am I… And What Do I Know About Men & Love?

Hi, my name is Kymmie Krieger, and chances are you may have even heard of me before.

I am the Senior Editor for the Women Online magazine…

And have been featured on, James Dawborn’s “Oracle Coaching” and


And in my career, I have written articles for dozens of other popular websites - coaching women on how to gain self-confidence and experience success and happiness in their relationships with men.

I have also worked with literally hundreds of real-life female clients through, eHarmony and OKCupid, helping them to find real love online (and avoid all of the jerks and the players!)

And in my work with these amazing women, I’ve truly seen it all: the frustration, the loneliness and the heartbreak as they’ve come to me begging to know the answers to questions like these:

“Am I ever going to meet the right guy?”

“How can I make my man love me the way he used to?”

“How can a guy go from being so charming and interested to completely cold and distant?”

“What am I doing WRONG?”

And I’ve always found it gut-wrenching to see that somehow, these attractive, successful, lovely women have lost every ounce of power and sexy confidence they once had with men…

But this is the same reason why it is so incredibly rewarding when I can help these women to find real love and build wonderful, long-lasting relationships…

To teach them the truth about men so that they can realize their own feminine power and capture the love and desire of their man forever

Just as I used it to capture the love of my own amazing husband…

In fact, it is the reason we are more crazily, deeply, passionately in love than we have ever been, 3 years into our marriage...

And if you saw us together now, you would never believe just how close we came to falling apart only two short years ago…

How close I came to ending up heartbroken, devastated and alone

My marriage had become so crushing and volatile that I couldn’t even recognize it anymore…

I’m about to tell you a very personal story that may trigger some VERY intense emotions in you…

I should warn you, it’s a pretty shocking story at times…

And maybe you’ve heard that warning before… but, this time, it’s different…

I should tell you that my editor didn’t even want me to share my story at all…

She told me that if I was truly honest about my past, I would shock people. And instead, she wanted me to make something up… something more ‘normal’.

But I refused. I just wanted to be honest with you, no matter what…

Because I really want you to know the truth about this secret formula, and its shocking power to affect ALL men…

So that YOU, just like the hundreds of women before you, can use it to change your relationships with men FOREVER

So, here goes….

Our eyes met at a dinner party for a mutual friend, and straight away, I got that little flutter in my stomach…

And after a lot of awkward eye contact, me blushing and him smiling

He put down his napkin, stood up, and walked over to where I was sitting.

Well, started chatting and sparks started flying…

And before I knew it, I had written my phone number on my napkin and handed it to him.

One thing followed another, and just eight months later, Scott, the man who had completely stolen my heart… put a big, sparkly ring on my finger.

And there I was, beaming, showing if off to all of my friends…

After we’d gotten married, and settled down together in a small ‘starter home’, I remember thinking to myself…

‘This is it… I’ve made it. Now we can start planning a family together,
and just live our lives… The way it’s supposed to be.’

And I was so relieved, because I saw all my friends going through so much pain and frustration in their dating lives…

Going on blind dates, searching for the right guy for months and years on end…

And I felt so lucky that I’d escaped all of that. And, I was proud to be Scott’s wife.

However, as our marriage went on,
little cracks started to appear.

Arguments and fights swelled between us out of nowhere, and we seemed to just constantly squabble over nothing.

One of our biggest problems was that Scott would often ‘pull back’, become flinty and aloof, and stop showing his affection for me. 

Now, I don’t think of myself as a ‘needy’ person… But when he would do things like go on a business trip and not even call me for a couple of days…

Or become preoccupied with a difficult time at work and act cold and distant around me at home - not reaching out to me, smiling, or even asking how I was feeling

Well, I would start to get agitated and nervous.

I would start to wonder things like,

Is everything okay? Did I do something wrong? What’s happening here?

Yet, when I tried to show my concern and love for him…

By asking him what was wrong, trying to talk his problems over with him, or even shyly asking him to show his affection for me more often…

He would get tense and annoyed, and curtly say things like;

“Why do you always have to get so worked up over nothing?”

“Why do you always have to watch every little thing I do?”

“Do I have to touch base with you every ten seconds?”

“Can’t you just concentrate on your own life more and not think so much about what I’m feeling??”

And I didn’t know how to answer him… I could never seem to find the right words to express that I was just showing my love in the way that felt natural to me.

And whenever I would talk about it, he would become tense, start to scowl, and then would just pull away and close down on me.

My ‘perfect’ marriage was spiraling out of control, and I felt like there was nothing I could do to STOP it…

Everything I did to bring him closer just seemed to make things worse

I felt like a failure, and after a while, I started to feel like almost everything I did or said would hurt our relationship even more.

And worst of all, as time went on, I even started to wonder if he was right…

‘Was I too insecure? Did I smother him too much?

Was I just needy and paranoid?

Was there something wrong with me??’

I found myself making up reasons to excuse his behavior, and trying to reassure myself that ‘this was just how he showed his love’…

Yet all the while, I felt tentative, shaky, and even a bit panicky… Like I was slowly starving for love and attention.

But then things all came to a head one Wednesday night, when Scott came home late from work again… without calling or checking in with me, AGAIN.

When he walked in the door late that evening and saw me anxiously waiting at the kitchen table…

With the placemats all set, the food gone cold and the candles guttering because I’d been waiting so long…

His eyes narrowed and his mouth went all tight straight away.

And I have to admit, as well as being upset, I was also quite angry that night.

I had just cooked an entire Indian meal from scratch… even down to the poppadoms… and it had literally taken me hours.

I had done it for him, because I wanted to make him happy… And now, of course, everything was stone-cold and ruined.

So I tried not to show it, but yeah, I was mad.

And I guess he could just feel the tension in the room, because I instantly felt him getting annoyed and pulling away.

I didn’t even have to say anything… He just took one look at me and I could almost see the words forming in his head…

Here we go again… why does she always overreact to everything?’

And suddenly, I was sick of it all.

I was sick of feeling shaky and tentative in my marriage… sick of wondering what he was feeling, and sick of feeling nervous and paranoid all the time.

Why couldn’t we both just be on the same page for once?

Why couldn’t he show an interest in MY feelings, and just open up and show me he cared, instead of making me feel insecure and ‘weak’ for showing my love for him?

I was tired of feeling like an emotional train wreck all the time… Tired of all the hassle, stress, and growing distance between us.

And that was when something inside me just snapped

“What is going ON with you??” I asked loudly. “How could you just leave me hanging like this AGAIN?

His face went absolutely dead and his eyes instantly became stony and cold

“Why do you always have to obsess about everything?” he said in a really quiet, flat voice.

“Why can’t you just take my word for it when I tell you everything’s fine? I love you, Kymmie, but this has to stop. You’ve got to stop overreacting this way to everything I do, it’s just not normal!”

“Who do you think you’re talking to?”I said sharply.

“I’m your wife, and I need to know what’s going on here… just tell me the truth!”

You have to understand… I just wanted to feel happy in my relationship, to feel like I was making him happy, and to feel like he understood and appreciated me for who I was.

But of course, Scott reacted the way he always did… by shutting down on me.

He sighed angrily, picked up his briefcase, and without even looking at me, turned around and walked back out the front door.

And I was left there alone, in the ruins of the romantic dinner I had cooked for the two of us…

Weeping angry tears, and feeling so completely lost and frustrated that I felt like I was choking. I just didn’t know what to do.

Scott left the next day on another three-week business trip, and as he went about packing, the atmosphere between us was tense, icy, and awful.

He gave me a stilted kiss on the cheek that morning when he left, and muttered something about ‘checking in with me’ later in the week.

And again… I was left hurt, confused and alone.

Later that day, in desperation, I called my closest girlfriend and blurted out the whole painful story.

She patiently listened to the whole thing, but when I was finished what she said next really surprised me. She said…

Whenever I’m feeling like that, I like to just escape from everything and bury myself in romance novels for a while.

Even when my own relationships feel like crap, it somehow makes me feel better to read about other people’s love problems.”

Well, by that stage, I would have done anything to feel better

So she promised to drop round an armful of her favorite novels later that day.

And for rest of the week, I spent all my spare time buried in romance, fiction, and other people’s love dramas.

And my friend was right, it did make me feel better. But, something else happened, too…

Something completely unexpected

Something that changed my life (and my marriage) forever

See, I must have read about fifty romance novels over the next few weeks... (I guess I became a little ‘addicted’…)

And - this might sound crazy - but I started to notice little patterns

Little things that all the ‘successful’ female characters would do to get a sense of understanding and control in their relationships…

And to find an incredible sense of happiness and joy with their man…

And I knew it was kind of silly, but I couldn’t help wondering…

If these books all follow similar patterns, and the reason why romance novels are so popular is because they’re based on real life and real relationships… then maybe these patterns might be worth trying in my own relationship.’

I felt almost silly, trying it out, but I went ahead and did it anyway…

And over the next two months, something completely magical and unexpected happened…

As Soon As I Used This Love Formula In My Relationship… Everything Changed

Once I had started using these simple love patterns, my relationship with Scott, which had been so painful and emotionally devastating that I almost couldn’t bear it…

Suddenly transformed into a happy and loving partnership where he actually understood me.

All of a sudden, he stopped having the very kinds of emotional reactions to me that made me feel so awful

And instead, he started caring about how I felt, reaching out to me emotionally, and actually appreciating who I was instead of criticizing, complaining, and pulling away.

And the happier and more secure I felt, the more powerful and in control I became in my love life.

I began to feel successful in my relationship… like I was doing a good job, and not screwing it up.

And the best thing was, as soon as I started using this simple love formula, I began to understand and appreciate Scott in ways I had never been able to before.

It was like a light-bulb had been switched on… I could suddenly see things from a guy’s perspective, and understand why Scott had been acting in the hurtful and confusing ways he had…

The shutting down, the lack of communication, the sudden, unexplained changes in behavior

All of these very uniquely ‘male’ responses that I had never quite understood suddenly all became clear.

And, to be honest, I was a little shocked at what I found out… I couldn’t believe just how incredibly differently a GUY’S mind works when it comes to love and emotions.

It was staggering – almost like I had actually been living with a member of a different species.

But it was also the best thing that ever happened to me

These days, I have more peace, affection, attention, and intimacy with Scott than I’d ever dreamed of.

Now, I truly feel that I am making him happy, and he actually understands my needs and wants to make me happy too.

And it’s all because of one simple thing… The key to the secret formula I’m about to share with you…

You see, all I wanted in the beginning was to have the man I desperately loved and wanted to feel the same about me

And so I thought that if what I discovered worked for me, then it might work for other women, too…

And that maybe this could finally put an end to so much heartbreak many of my female clients had suffered in their love lives…

So first I started teaching these secrets to my close friends, and then writing about it in articles and relationship-help blogs online…

Telling women exactly how to change their approach with men in a way that would automatically trigger his passion and desire - whether it was with a guy they were dating or their husband of 10 years.

And one of the most crucial things I did was help them to take their focus AWAY from the battles that were going on in their own minds, and turn it onto what was going on in the minds of men.

Because just like I had been in the past, these women were so busy focusing on themselves and what was ‘wrong’ with them that they couldn’t even begin to picture what was REALLY going on with their man

Things like focusing on their weight, whether they were being ‘too clingy’, and anxiously worrying about whether their man was going to leave them...

And only once they had stopped obsessing about these ‘flaws’ were they able to open their minds to the real truths about men...

I gave them every last gritty detail I had discovered about how a guy’s mind works… 

And most importantly, how to use this information to trigger an intense, passionate love and desire for you.

And I was amazed to start hearing so many success stories from women that had followed my advice…

In fact, my inbox was becoming crammed with big smiley “OMG THANK YOU KYMMIE!! :)” messages…

And one of my best friends Julie*, a single mom who hadn’t had a date in four years, actually called me in tears

Which I was very relieved to discover were not tears of sadness, but of gratitude

As just last Saturday afternoon, she had used my involuntary love-craving formula on Tom*, a man at her golf club she had secretly had a crush on for months

She said it was like he suddenly noticed her like he never had before… They talked and flirted like teenagers for hours

And now, after only being on two dates (although incredibly amazing dates from the way Julie was gushing), Tom was already talking about moving in together…

And here Julie was, crying on the phone with gratitude and the kind of ecstatic joy I could only recognize from what I myself had experienced with Scott over the last two months…

And then suddenly (I feel a little embarrassed even admitting to this), we simultaneously broke into a fit of giggles…

Overwhelmed with the amazing turn our love lives had taken… And both so happy and in love it was like we were 22 again.

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

But still, I was shocked when one day my editor burst into my office, and practically BEGGED me to turn my ‘love formula’ into something that could be easily accessed by women everywhere

As she was getting bombarded with emails from women desperate to know more about what I knew…

“Kymmie… you have to share this on a larger level. There are so many women who need you to share what you know, because this formula, it’s amazing… It won’t just ‘help’ them… It could completely change their lives!”

And, at first, I was really shy at first about sharing my discovery

I mean it was easy for me to think that maybe what had happened in my relationship with Scott was just some crazy coincidence…

But after continuing to hear all of the amazing success stories from women who had followed my advice…

It soon became clear that the incredible transformation I had experienced in my own relationship was not just a one-in-a-million thing.

“What I Learned About Men Turned My Marriage Into Wedded Bliss… And It Can Transform Your Relationship, Too!”

So, now convinced that my editor was right… that other women needed to know this amazing truth about men

I started to develop a practical system that outlined the entire ‘involuntary love-craving’ formula I had discovered into simple steps that ANY woman could follow to win the love of the man of their dreams

  • No matter if they were single, dating, married or in a relationship
  • No matter what their age
  • No matter if they were dating online or in person
  • No matter their looks, their job, their experience with guys…
  • Literally NO MATTER WHAT!

I kept refining the formula, and it just became more and more powerful and effective

And today, I am going to share with you the final, polished system…

But first, I should warn you…


This formula involves literally re-wiring a man’s brain to make him powerfully addicted to you, which, as you might have guessed, could be a little ethically questionable

And to do this to a man you’re not truly interested in would be cruel.

So if you just want to have fun and ‘play the field’, then this is NOT for you… because the karmic payback you’d get from something like that would just not be worth it.

This secret ‘recipe’ is ONLY for you if you want a man to have a meaningful and maybe even lifelong connection with a man who truly just wants to devote himself to loving you…

And accept and appreciate you for who you really are.

So if you’re sure about only using this never-seen-before formula on a man you truly want, then pay close attention

Because I am about to reveal to you exactly how it will trigger a powerful, involuntary response in your man’s brain…

Use This Formula To Unlock the ‘Involuntary Craving’ Part of a Man’s Brain

OK, I want you to imagine a thick, delicious slice of freshly-baked chocolate cake sitting in front of you, with the delicious aroma wafting into your nostrils…

And as you picture this, notice your mouth is filling with saliva… A natural and involuntary reaction to the thought of this delicious treat.

And, just like this reaction, when you use my secret recipe on the man you desire, you are going to create a powerful reaction inside his brain just as involuntary and automatic

A reaction that is going to make him crave you obsessively.

Because when you know this secret, the ‘hunger’ craving you unlock in his mind is involuntary

It is literally out of his control, just like his instinctive appetite for a delicious juicy steak…

Now, I don’t want to give you any kind of boring science lecture here… So instead, here is the one thing you need to know…

The truth about how to understand a man, and how to activate a deep, unconscious craving for you in his mind

See, there is a part of the brain we don’t get to learn about in high school, and it’s called the ‘Anterior Cingulate Cortex’.

The Anterior Cingulate Cortex

Phew… I know, that’s a ten-dollar word, right?

But here is the important bit for you to know… This part of the male brain is also called the “Fascination Cortex”

And it is the reason why, when we’re completely fascinated with something, we can’t stop thinking about it.

We obsess about it and soak up every last bit of detail we can… We simply can’t get enough.

It is the reason why, when someone starts a fascinating story but doesn’t finish, you feel incomplete if you don’t get the conclusion…

And it’s all because something is happening in the unconscious mind on a very deep level.

I’m not going to go into all of the mind-numbing science, but all you need to know is this…

When this particular thing is happening in your unconscious mind, it feels really good emotionally, and it is very, very addictive

So Addictive That You Will Do Whatever It Takes To Keep Those Pleasure Chemicals Flowing.

Let me give you a little example of how it works.

There was a study done recently on some rats in a laboratory...

Personally, I am against all kinds of experimenting on animals, yet I have to share this particular example with you, because it will give you the proof you need of just how powerful this formula really is…

See, these rats had a little pedal they could step on in their cage…

And when they pressed the pedal, they would get a powerful dose of pleasure chemicals released in their brain.

And what happened was, the rats that had free access to the ‘pleasure pedal’ ended up pushing it so often that they would literally make themselves pass out

From the overload of pleasure chemicals they would get from pushing the pedal.

Now, I’m not saying you want to make a man ‘pass out’ or anything…

And I’m definitely not saying that you have to hook him up to a bunch of wires and pedals in a laboratory somewhere to make this work

But, it’s incredible, isn’t it? Just how addictive these good feelings really are?

Whether it’s getting that yummy piece of chocolate cake you’re drooling over…

Or TiVo-ing the next episode of that show on HBO

Or, in the case of dating and relationships

Activating the Fascination Cortex to give yourself the power to make a man literally addicted to you…

You Will Have a Truly Irresistible Power Over Men

Now, again I have to caution you just how important it is to ONLY ever use this technique on a man you truly desire and want a long-term connection with…

As otherwise, you’re going to be leading him into a whole lot of pain and heartbreak.

But on the other hand, if you use this technique on a man you truly love, then the rewards for your relationship will truly be endless…

My own relationship with Scott has become something beyond what I’d ever hoped for in my wildest dreams…

And I don’t need to remind any of you just how GOOD it feels inside to know you are completely, unconditionally loved by someone…

To be wrapped tight in his arms every night, and to see that dreamy look in his eyes when he tells you how much he loves you.

So if this is what you want… if you want to turn on your man’s ‘passion triggerlike never before

To make him fall deeply, uncontrollably in love with you, so you can love and cherish one another forever

To have him hungrily craving you, overnight…

Then here is the answer you’ve been waiting for…

The formula that will literally change your life

Presenting Kymmie Krieger’s…

“Make Him Fall Head Over Heels”:
The Secret Path To His Love

Make Him Fall Head Over Heels is my step-by-step formula that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what you need to do to activate your man’s ‘Fascination Cortex’…

And make him obsessively, uncontrollably CRAVE you like he’s never craved anything in his life.

This precise, exact recipe will FLOOD your man’s brain with addictive pleasure chemicals and make him literally unable to stop thinking about you…

No matter where he is or what he’s doing.

This is truly the ONLY system of its kind that finally allows you to unlock the involuntary craving part of any man’s mind…

To have him hungrily craving and fantasizing about you… The system that is literally like chocolate for men!

Whether you are single and looking for love, or already in a relationship but wanting to bring that magical feeling back…

Make Him Fall Head Over Heels is the answer
you’ve been waiting for.

Every step of the dating process is taken care of – no more confusion, struggle or heartbreaking rejection.

And even if your husband or boyfriend has been acting cold and distant with you, once you have overloaded his brain with the pleasurable feelings he gets from even just thinking about you…

He will never again treat you with anything less than love, respect, appreciation and total adoration.

Tested and proven by hundreds of women in over 15 countries around the world, this formula is absolutely guaranteed to work!

Here’s What’s Included In My “Make Him Fall Head Over Heels” System:

The ‘Chocolate Craving’ Love Formula

This secret recipe works on the involuntary craving part of a man’s mind to activate his Fascination Cortex and make him irresistibly CRAVE you.

Let this powerful formula do all of the hard work for you – no more struggle to get the love you desire!

So easy to use and so powerful, this will work on any man you truly want!

The ‘Unicorn’ Technique

A method for completely entrancing your man, by showing him your special uniqueness and MAGNIFYING your natural ‘mystery’ and intrigue.

Use this technique to fill his heart with wonder and curiosity… And make him never want to stop chasing you.

The ‘Spicy Banter’ Technique

Use this technique to draw him in even DEEPER my charming him with spicy conversation…

Because the right kind of banter is what makes a man realize you’re intelligent, funny and completely irresistible.

It’s what makes a man tell his friends “This woman’s different… I think she might be The One”.

The ‘Art of the Eagle’ Technique

Once you’ve mastered this technique, you’ll have learned how to show your independence in a very special way that highlights your femininity

So that your man will respect your strength, but at the same time he won’t be able to HELP wanting to draw you in close and just take care of you.

Most women screw this up by either being too clingy or too cold and stand-offish…

But once you have mastered the ‘Art of the Eagle’ technique, you will never fall into this trap again.

The ‘Pop Rocks’ Candy Technique

When you use this technique, you’ll discover how to be what I call the ‘Pop Rocks’ candy in your relationship

You’ll learn how to become that sizzling brushfire he cannot get enough of… because you’re so spontaneous and full of life!

Use this technique to make him utterly blind to any woman but YOU, and make other women green-eyed with jealousy.

This Program Is Truly Going To Change Your Love-Life Forever!

Today, you have the chance to feel for YOURSELF the safety, security and absolute loved-up bliss you get from being wrapped in his arms…

To see for yourself the look of complete adoration and desire in his eyes every time he looks at you…

And to hear for yourself the absolute sincerity and longing in his voice as he whispers how much he loves you… 

And with all of this in mind, let me ask you

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What would it be worth to you to have a formula in your hands that could make that special man so overwhelmed with love for you, you will become the star of his every dream, fantasy and desire?

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To look down at your phone at lunch and see a new message light up that reads…

Hey beautiful. Can’t wait to see U tonight, been thinking about U all day! XO


Today, you can make all of these dreams come true… With this simple, step-by-step formula that will be worth more to your love life than liquid gold.

But today, you are not going to be paying anywhere near the price of liquid gold…

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That’s right. Today, you are not going to be paying anywhere near what “Make Him Fall Head Over Heels” was professionally priced at - $97 - even though I was told that even $97 was a bargain.

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Here’s Why I’m Putting ALL Of The Financial Risk On My Shoulders:

I’ve got to be honest here… I was strongly advised by my editor and colleagues to re-consider the “ridiculously stupid and crazy” idea of selling this amazing material at such a shockingly LOW price...

But I dug my heels in, put my ‘stubborn face’ on and REFUSED to sell Make Him Fall Head Over Heels at the price it was valued at…

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The thing is, I knew that a lot of women wouldn’t be able to afford to pay $97 for a relationship-help course, no matter how much it could transform their life…

After all, I know as well as you do what it’s like to have hungry mouths to feed, bills to be paid, and cars to be fixed… 

And as I told my colleagues… Even though I knew putting the price down so low came at a HUGE risk to myself…

The truth is I couldn’t live with the idea that something as trivial as money could stop women from finding the love they deserve.  

So that is why today, I am literally paying $87.05 out of my OWN pocket to give you this deal of a lifetime

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I will know that helping so many woman was 1000 times more rewarding to me than having a wallet stuffed full with profit

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Make Him Fall Head Over Heels:
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Super Bonus #1:

Online Dating for the Savvy Woman

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In this exclusive report, you’ll be given everything you need to find and attract Mr. Right online, and skip all those useless time wasters.

You’ll know how to find guys who are ready for a REAL relationship and are NOT just looking for sex, plus how to filter out guys who are married, lying, or downright dangerous.

You’ll find out the real deal on using sites like, OKCupid and eHarmony…

And will be given expert tips on how to design your profile - including what pictures to use, what to say, and what not to say.

And most importantly, what to do when a man messages you (Hint: most women completely screw this up and send interested men running!)

Super Bonus #2:

How to Bulletproof Your Relationship Against Infidelity

(Valued at $12!)

In this special audio report, you’ll find out how to spot potential cheaters in advance

Because the really sad thing is, most women find themselves attracted to men who will never be faithful and then blame themselves when it goes wrong…

And I don’t want this to ever happen to you!

This special report will also tell you what to do if you suspect he’s having an affair

(Whether he is or he isn’t, the truth is that the way you approach the situation can make the difference between tragic results, or a happy ending forever).

And most importantly, this audio will teach you how to always give your man enough freedom and variety within the relationship that he feels zero desire to even THINK about cheating.

How to Bulletproof Your Relationship Against Infidelity” could be sold on its own for the price of this program and will likely be its own, stand-alone product some day…

But for now, this special report is only for owners of Make Him Fall Head Over Heels. You will not find it anywhere else on the Internet, or even in bookstores… Don’t miss out!

Super Bonus #3:

How to Make Him Commit

(Valued at $12 by itself!)

In “How to Make Him Commit”, you’ll discover what a man’s deepest fears are about taking things to the next level.

You’ll learn how to have “the talk” about where things are going… whether you should bring it up…

And if you prefer, how to make it hisidea to suggest you two get closer and more committed.

Once you’ve gone through this guide, you’ll understand what is going through his mind when he’s thinking about making you his girlfriend

And what he needs from you to feel safe about the relationship before buying that special ring.

Learn everything you need to know about how to turn that ‘Lone Wolf’ man into a committed husband-type who just wants to settle in with the love of his life.

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Make Him Blind To Any Other Woman But You

Picture this: You’re sitting down for dinner and you see a woman enter the restaurant. A stunning, slim, ridiculously well-proportioned woman that is just oozing sex appeal.

And as you watch, every pair of male eyes in the room turn to her, looking her up and down with a kind of puppy-dog appreciation

Every pair of male eyes except YOUR man’s.

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